APIs for Liberty BASIC

a Book for use with the [Liberty BASIC Programming Language]

APIs for Liberty BASIC

"APIs for Liberty BASIC" is an API reference work for Liberty BASIC. It is available in two formats. It is available in PDF format, viewable by the [Free Adobe Acrobat Reader] which you must have installed in order to use this format. It is also available as a printed, soft-cover, coil-bound book.

This book is an expanded and updated version of the API section of the "Liberty BASIC 4 Companion" ebook, available here: Liberty BASIC 4 Companion

Demonstration Programs

The zipped archive of demonstration programs requries an unlocking password that is available on copyright page of book. When you attempt to unzip the file, you will be prompted for this password. If you do not supply the correct password, the file cannot be unzipped. Do not download this packet of demonstration programs unless you have purchased the book. - 328 kb


API Fundamentals

Menus, Files and Icons

Modifying LB Windows and Controls



Internet Programming

Windows Controls

Common Controls

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