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Liberty BASIC Workshop makes coding in Liberty BASIC really easy and fun!
The first step is to access the Options Menu and open the Preferences dialog. Here you can set your preferred font, and other options for the code editor windows.
You must set the paths to Liberty BASIC and to its runtime engine, in order to run programs directly from within Liberty BASIC Workshop. Click on the "Paths" tab and browse to the files, or type the paths and filenames into the textboxes.
You can also choose to use syntax coloring, or to turn it off. You can select the colors, too! Click on the "Syntax Coloring" tab to set these options. If syntax coloring is in force, keywords are in one color, quoted strings are in another color, numbers are in another color, comments have their own color, and so on. This makes the code easier to read and understand.
If you want tips for using Liberty BASIC Workshop, you can access the "Tip of the Day" dialog at any time in the Options Menu.
Now that you've got Liberty BASIC Workshop set up to your liking, you can start writing code!