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16 Color Icon Tool - New March 4, 2005.

You can use this tool to open icon files, or extract them from icon libraries, executables or DLLs. You can even select a portion of a bitmap to change into an icon. You can also create icons from scratch. Once created or modified, these 16-color icons can be saved to disk. Users of Liberty BASIC 4.x can also embed these icons in the runtime engine.

Download the 16 Color Icon Tool> - 1243 KB


3D Maze

This is a three-dimensional maze game. You can select the size of the maze and the level of difficulty. There are various textures for floors, walls and ceilings. It is written by Thomas Watson, in OpenGL with C++. Copyright Thomas Watson, 2004. All rights reserved. Takes some time to load. Requires a lot of RAM. May lock up some computers.

Maze - 834 KB



Imagine! is a free image viewer and image manipulation program. It allows you to view images in many different formats. You can change the image in many ways, including color changes, filters and other transformations. Download the Imagine! installation program here:

Imagine! - 1609 KB

WW to CHM Wizard

WW to CHM Wizard is a utility that allows you to create compiled HTML help files (CHM files) from webified WikiWriter projects. This can be accomplished with just a few clicks of the mouse!

It requires the help compiler, hhc.exe from HTML Help Workshop

WikiWriter is © Jerry Muelver and can be found at The WikiWriter Website.

Download the WW to CHM Wizard installation program here:

WW to CHM Wizard - 1448 KB