Game Workshop

a Game Creation Wizard for Liberty BASIC Programmers

Game Workshop is the easiest and fastest way to get a game up and running in Liberty BASIC 2 & 3. Just fill in a few blanks and click a few buttons to create the framework for a sprite game in Liberty BASIC!

Game Workshop creates the framework for the window, background, score and status bars, scrolling, sprite properties, collision and boundary detection, and user input. It generates "loadbmp" and "unloadbmp" lists. Both the registered and shareware versions will allow you to save the game framework as source code. Game Workshop is so easy to use that although a comprehensive helpfile is included, you won't need to look at it! There are also tools included for bitmap and wav previewing and sprite masking.

Game Workshop is shareware. The shareware version does not include the ability to load or save game scripts, and it limits each game to two sprites. The registered version can load and save game scripts and will allow up to 50 sprites per game.

Requires at least Win9x/NT and Liberty BASIC 2+

Sprite Resources

You don't need to be an artist to create good-looking games. There are many resources for game graphics on the internet. Some of them are listed here. These resources were discovered by searching for "game sprites" on some major search engines.

Often many sprite images are contained on a single bitmap, so you must copy the sprite you want from the large image and paste it onto a new image.

Sprites found on the internet will not have masks. Just use the Game Workshop mask maker to mask the sprites for your games.

Images found on the internet might not have the requisite black background. Be sure to change the background color to black before attempting to mask sprites or use them in an LB game.

Sprites found on the internet are sometimes in animated form. IrfanView, a freeware imaging program, will cut and save all frames to individual images. Get it here.



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