Liberty BASIC Help CHM Creator

Updated for Liberty BASIC 4.5.0

Liberty BASIC 4.5.0 help is in plain HTML format. This format is not easy to search. The author of Liberty BASIC does not allow the documentation to be distributed by third parties, so others cannot publish the help files in a different format.

It is possible to create a compiled HTML help document (CHM) from the HTML files with Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop.
HTML Help Workshop

This CHM creation process is automated in the Liberty BASIC Help CHM Creator offered here. It allows you many options. You can save the CHM in a default location, or in the location you select. You can automatically delete the temporary files used to create the CHM, or you can keep them. You may use the typical purple book icon, or you may choose the folder icon as the image in the CHM files. You may choose to add a shortcut to the CHM to your start menu and/or to your desktop.

To use this file, download the ZIP and unzip to a folder of your choice. Open your copy of Liberty BASIC and use the "Run" menu to access "Run TKN." Navigate to the TKN file and select it. You may create a CHM from the Liberty BASIC 4.5.0 help files, or cancel the operation.

Download your copy here: LBCHM2015.ZIP (15 kb)

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