A Web Browser Control for Liberty BASIC 4

Please read the license and information below before downloading this free browser control.

LBBROWSEDLL.ZIP (28 kb) - Version 1, August 22, 2005.

LBBROWSE2.ZIP (29 kb) - Version 2, February 14, 2006. -- Adds GetURL, GetHistory, Clear History
BROWSEDLL3.ZIP (29 kb) - Version 3, March 5, 2006. -- Adds CanGoBack, CanGoForward

License and Information

LBBROWSE.DLL is copyright Alyce Watson, 2005.

LBBROWSE.DLL requires MSIE v4.0 or better.

You may have only one browser control in your LB program. If your program crashes and the DLL is not closed properly, or if you have a problem running the program a second time, close Liberty BASIC before attempting to run it again. It may be necessary to reboot if you have a program crash. Consider using "on error" in your code and calling DestroyBrowser and closing the DLL in the event of an error.

The functions in the "extras" menu of the demo may not all work on earlier versions of Windows, but they will not cause an error if they don't work.

The download file contains a readme.txt file, a sample Liberty BASIC program, and the LBBROWSE.DLL


This DLL is not to be confused with the Browser.DLL that was introduced to Liberty BASIC users in 2002 by Doyle Whisenant. The credits for the DLL used by Doyle are as follows:

     Browser.Dll is based on VC++ code by Jeff Glatt 
     but compiled using Lcc-Win32 by 
     Kevin Diggins 12/20/2002


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