Terms of Use and License for Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia

Terms of Use for Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia
The material in the Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia is provided free of charge by the organizers and contributing authors for Liberty BASIC programmers. Our goal is to support and encourage the community and further the Liberty BASIC product. Articles are copyrighted by the individual authors. The Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia as a whole is copyrighted by the organizers. These copyrights are protected by US and international law and treaty. No part of any article may be reproduced or published in another location without the expressed, written consent of the organizers or authors. Individual authors retain copyrights to their works. Unless otherwise noted you may use code provided freely for your own programming projects but you may not re-sell or distribute the original files or the source code as is. Do not copy these articles or associated files to a collection, such as a CD-ROM archive. Do not place these files on another web page without the author's permission. Do not post these files to a bulletin board, forum or eGroup.

Copyright Release Notice for the Liberty Basic Programmer's Encyclopedia
The organizers of the Liberty Basic Programmer's Encyclopedia plan to release said publication in one or more electronic forms. This publication will be made available in various digital formats at no cost to anyone who wants a copy.

By submitting your article for publication in the Liberty Basic Programmer's Encyclopedia, by implication, you grant the right to publish such article in said Encyclopedia. This right extends to any format in which this publication may appear, including but not limited to print and electronic formats. Electronic formats include but are not limited to various computer platforms, application data formats, and subsets of this publication.

You, as the author, retain all other rights to your article, including the right to republish your article in other publications. You, as the author, by submission, certify that all aspects of your article which may be derivative have been properly cited, and that in general You have not plagiarized anyone else's work. You further certify, through submission, that you have proper permission to use any cited work which is included in your article which exceeds the Fair Use Clause of the United States Copyright Law, such as graphs or photographs borrowed from other articles or persons.

Statement adopted this the 1st day of May, 2006 by:

The Organizers, the Liberty Basic Programmer's Encyclopedia.