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Anybody can submit articles to the Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia. You do not need to be a member of this site. The public may edit existing pages. Only persons with a Wikispaces account may create new pages. You may get a free Wikispaces account here.

By adding content to the Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia, you are bound by the license. If you do not want to release your work under this license, do not submit articles. Click HERE to read the License.

Article Guidelines
The Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia is a place for full-length technical articles. Authors should make sure that articles are well-structured, that words are spelled correctly, and that all code works properly. Click HERE for help on technical writing.

When you submit an article, be aware this is not the end of your involvement. Few of us get it Just Right the very first time. Expect an LBPE editor to contact you with questions, suggestions, possible edits, etcetera for you to look over and take the proper action.

Adding Articles
  1. Click the edit button at the top of this page.
  2. Add your article to the list at the bottom of this page . If you are using the formatted text editor, simply click the link button on the editing toolbar and invoke a dialog to add the link. Type the name of your new page in the "wiki link" area and click the "okay" button.If you are using the plain text editor, do this by typing a name for your page inside of double square brackets. If your article is called "Using Arrays", your link would look like this: * [[Using Arrays]] Save the editing of this page.
  3. View this page and click on the link you just created.
  4. On the new page, click the edit link and type or paste your article.
  5. Please place your name and the date at the top of your article, along with a descriptive title.
  6. Save your edits. That's all there is to it!

Having trouble submitting an article? Try Visual Directions for Submitting an Article

Editing Articles
To learn how to use WikiText markup to edit site content, click HERE. You don't need to know WikiText, though. When you are editing a page, there is a button near the bottom to "Use Visual Editor." If you want to try some editing in a safe place where you can do no harm, play in the Test Area. Before finalizing the article, you can click the "Preview" button to see how your article will appear, and make changes as needed.

Additional Files
If your article requires images or other additional files, simply upload them and include links in your article. When you are editing a page there is a link in the upper right for "Images". Click this to view a list of all available files and images.

Article Placement
One of the organizers of the Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia will tag your article for editing. If the organizers find it to be a viable article for the encyclopedia, it will be added to all the appropriate categories.

Organizers of the Liberty BASIC Programmer's Encyclopedia will make any modifications they feel are needed. Authors may accept or reject these changes before articles are listed in the appropriate categories and locked.

Article Modification in the Future
One of the advantages of this format is that it affords us the ability to update and modify the information. Organizers reserve the right to modify, expand, or delete articles as they determine such actions to be appropriate.

Who Can Edit Articles
Articles can be edited by the original authors and by the site organizers. Others should suggest changes via the site's discussion feature.