Mastering Liberty BASIC 3

an Electronic Book

No longer available. Please click the link below for a new version.

December, 2003 - Liberty BASIC 4 Companion - an eBook for LB4

" Mastering Liberty BASIC 3 " is a detailed reference work for Liberty BASIC 3. It is available in three formats. It is available as a traditional Windows Helpfile for use at the PC. It is also available in PDF format, viewable by the [Free Adobe Acrobat Reader] which you must have installed in order to use this format. It is also available as compiled HTML help.

The electronic book is contained in self-extracting installation files that are password-protected. You must register this product to receive a password that will allow you to install the files.

The updated version uses the same installation password as the original version, so registered users receive this update free of charge. This version contains some corrections and a new section on modifying Liberty BASIC controls with API calls.


No longer available.

User Reviews

This has been an unsolicted review. - David Drake

"Your e-book is great. It already solved several problems I had and I see another usage for a future project." - Don H.

"I was the first one to purchase "Mastering Liberty Basic 3". If you are going to do any programming with LB3 this e-book is a must!!!!!! Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, there is something here for everyone. Alyce is not too good at blowing her own horn so i am telling you this is an excellent work. Those of you who know her work, know she strives for excellence in all she does. Not only is she smart, but she can make the most complicated issues in programming simple to understand. Spend the money! Get the book! Do it now! It will be a reference you will turn to again and again." - Eldron Gill

"If LB3 gets you driving, Alyce's ebook gets you setting up your own car factory!", "It definitely shows that it is a labour of love. Whenever I am tempted to ask for assistance I first look in the help file and will now look in your ebook. What really struck me about the ebook, was the way that you managed to put in so much of your hard won knowledge and techniques for accomplishing tasks." - David Docker

"I registered Mastering LB 3 yesterday and already feel I have got my money's worth from it. I'll feel like a thief as I continue thru the second half of the ebook. ...thank you for creating such a treasure-filled reference source for LB 3 users. And specifically, for making the use of API calls seem easy rather than something for the novice to fear. BTW - on a side note my family is not quite as happy about your ebook as I am, it seems they're afraid of losing all my free time to LB now... Your ebook has already made an impact on my use of LB 3, and given me a much clearer understanding of just what LB 3 can do, and maybe more importantly how and why it does it. I think every new LB 3 user would benefit from your ebook in the same way." - Scott

"I have finally given way to good sense and bought your 'Mastering LB' eBook. ... The book ought to be called 'Masterpiece of LB3', it is brilliant. ... The section on API's is a triumph of clarity. Well done." - CN


Mastering Liberty BASIC 3

Part One - Tutorials

The Fundamentals

Files on Disk


Sprite BASICs

Game Creation

Part Two - Liberty BASIC Reference

Window Reference

Control Reference

Graphics Functions

Math Functions

Managing Data

Program Management

Part Three - Using Dynamic Link Libraries

Menus, Files and Icons

Modifying LB Windows and Controls



Windows Controls

Common Controls


Tutorials - Files on Disk - Random Files

Incorrect, in Demo:

OPEN "test.dat" FOR RANDOM AS #n LEN=20
    FIELD #n,_     ' set up the fields for file opened as #1
    10 AS first$,_ ' 1st 10 bytes contain first name
    10 AS last$,_  ' 2nd 10 bytes contain last name

Correct in Demo:

OPEN "test.dat" FOR RANDOM AS #n LEN=20
    FIELD #n,_     ' set up the fields for file opened as #1
    10 AS first$,_ ' 1st 10 bytes contain first name
    10 AS last$    ' 2nd 10 bytes contain last name

© 1999 - 2003, Alyce Watson


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LB 4 Companion

Mastering LB 3

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