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Thistle-Win Update October 17, 2005

Update, October 17, 2005

Added to Thistle-Win v1.4:

Added to Thistle-Win v1.3:

Added to Thistle-Win v1.2:


Thistle is a programming language and compiler, suitable for introductory programming instruction. It creates a single file, compiled executable application. Thistle comes with a code editor, helpfile, sample code, and the FASM assembler. There are two versions of Thistle. Thistle creates a console application. Thistle-Win creates a Windows application.

Thistle was written in Liberty BASIC. []

Here is a screenshot of the Thistle-Win Windows version editor.


Here is a screenshot of the Thistle console version editor.


Here is a screenshot of a calculator program written in Thistle-Win. The code for the program is included in the distribution.


Here is a screenshot of a game written in Thistle. The code for this game is included in the distribution.


By using Thistle, you are agreeing to these terms of use:

  1. The authors do not guarantee the suitability or appropriateness of the this application for any use.
  2. The authors cannot be held responsible for any errors or problems that occur from the use of this product. Use at your own risk.
  3. There are no warrantees, either expressed or implied.

Thistle may be distributed freely, as long as these conditions are met:

  1. All copyright information must be included in the distribution.
  2. The distribution must contain all of the original files.
  3. No fee may be charged for Thistle.
  4. You cannot claim Thistle as your own product.
  5. Thistle uses the free, FASM assembler/linker. You must include the FASM license.
  6. You are free to distribute the programs you write with Thistle. A note about Thistle in the credits of your programs is appreciated, but not required.

The Thistle language, compiler and integrated development environment are copyright 2005, Thomas Watson and Alyce Watson.

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