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Liberty BASIC Workshop GUI Designer Tutorial

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To begin designing a window, click this button on the GUI Designer toolbox.

A new GUI window is displayed.

You can click on the window properties button, or right-click on the window itself to open the Window Properties dialog.

Use this dialog to set the properties of your window, such as its handle, Caption, etc.

Select the desired window type from the drop-down list.

To add a control to the window, click the button in the GUI toolbox that corresponds to that control type. Here, a checkbox is selected.

The cursor changes to a crosshair.

Click on the window and drag the mouse to draw the control in the desired location.

Click the left mouse button on an existing control. If you keep the button down, you can drag and move the control. The two boxes on the corners are sizing handles.

Click on one of the sizing handles and drag with the mouse to change the size of the control.

Right click on a control to open the control properties dialog. Use this dialog to change the properties of the control, such as its handle, event handler, and caption.

Use this button to turn on/off the visible grid on the window.

When you've added all desired controls to your window, click on one of the compile buttons to create the Liberty BASIC code. One button creates code for the GUI parts of the window. The other button allows you to include a code outline, too.

The code opens in a new editing window.

You can save this GUI window by clicking on the "save form" button.

Select a location in the filedialog, and give your form a name.

Later, you can click the "load form" button to load it again.

Here is your loaded form, ready to be used or modified.

Use the "Run" button to cause your code (or form) to be run in Liberty BASIC.